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Marion County has not seen a county wide fair in 20 years. We offer
not only community hours, but a way for your club or class to make some

For community service hours,
Parking, Grounds keepers,Assistants, COS play (dressing as Your favorite actor and playing the Part), Planning a walk for the Homeless, and if you have a Suggestion, please let us know and Maybe we can work it in.

For Money making opportunities for your school, club, or classroom: Face Painting, Sales (25% of what you sell for our program book will go back into your class or club), bake sales, craft sales, plant sales (pumpkins,
squash, tomatoes, flowers…) Christmas decorations, Thanksgiving displays, wreaths, your imagination for arts and crafts. Each class or club would have to coordinate so that just one club is doing that activities. WE have 10 days, so plenty of time for your club to come up with an activity for your school.

Please Contact Linda at 352-347-0883 for more information


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